5 WordPress SMS Marketing Plugins for Mobile Communication in 2020

When it comes to digital marketing, you have a surplus of options for connecting with your audience. Email and social media are popular and effective methods but are not without their flaws. Spam folders and the ability to hide activity on Facebook make it easy for users to ignore your campaigns.

If you’re having trouble reaching leads, you may want to look into WordPress SMS marketing plugins. You can send texts to your subscribers regarding eCommerce orders, appointments, new posts, and more. This provides a direct line to your leads as well as existing customers and clients.

This post will give you a complete guide to sending SMS messages to subscribers via WordPress. We’ll discuss how it works, why you may want to do it, and how to enable this type of notifications with or without a plugin. Let’s get started!

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WordPress SMS Marketing Plugins

1. Formidable Forms + Twilio SMS Add-On

Since you’ll need a method for collecting phone numbers from your subscribers, integrating WordPress SMS gateway plugins with form builders makes perfect sense. Formidable Forms can help you do just that with its Twilio SMS add-on.

Twilio is a digital communications platform. Using an Application Programming Interface (API), it can send and receive SMS messages via your WordPress site. In order to use the Formidable Forms Twilio add-on (as well as the other plugins and extensions in this post powered by this platform), you’ll need to create an account and retrieve an API key.

If you choose to combine Twilio and Formidable Forms through this add-on, you’ll be able to:

  • Receive texts via your forms (for example, accepting poll votes by SMS)
  • Send texts to subscribers whose phone numbers who’ve collected in your forms
  • Create conditional notifications and automated responses (such as birthday wishes)

2. Gravity Forms + Twilio Add-On

The Formidable Forms add-on is a handy solution if you’re already using the plugin on your site. However, those who prefer the popular alternative Gravity Forms will be happy to know that this form builder also has a Twilio add-on. Once you have your account, integrating the two platforms in WordPress is fairly intuitive.

It also includes a variety of helpful features for keeping track of form submissions and engaging your customers, such as:

  • Automated notifications sent to you via text whenever someone completes or form or makes payment
  • Bitly integration for creating short links that won’t eat up your 160 character limit
  • Integration with the Gravity Forms PayPal extension to send payment notifications to your customers

3. Appointment Hour Booking + Twilio Add-On

When you’re busy trying to juggle work, keeping up your home, and whatever other commitments you have, it can be easy to let things slip through the cracks. That’s why combining Appointment Hour Booking and its Twilio add-on is a smart move when you’re providing services to clients.

By sending reminders about upcoming reservations, you can minimize the likelihood that your client will end up being a no-show. It also gives them a last-minute chance to cancel or reschedule, helping you avoid wasted time waiting on someone who forgot you were coming to repair their refrigerator.

The combination of Appointment Hour Booking and Twilio provides several helpful features:

  • Incorporates a phone number field into your booking form to collect contact information from subscribers
  • Sends automated booking and reminder notifications
  • Provides easy integration of your booking system and SMS notification process

4. Joy of Text

If a premium form builder isn’t the right fit for your site, never fear. Joy of Text is the most flexible of the WordPress SMS plugins on this list and focuses solely on the task of sending text messages from your site. Like the previous tools we’ve mentioned, this plugin also uses Twilio to fuel its features.

One of the best things about Joy of Text is that it’s highly versatile and can meet the needs of almost any WordPress site. Key features include:

5. Twilio SMS Notifications for WooCommerce

One of the most convenient features you can offer your e-commerce customers is automated text updates regarding their purchases. Fortunately, there are several WordPress SMS plugins that can help you implement this functionality, including Twilio SMS Notifications.

As an official WooCommerce extension, you can rest assured that this tool will work seamlessly with its parent plugin to deliver accurate and timely notifications to customers. Other key features include:

  • Enable customers to opt-in to SMS updates during the checkout process
  • Send notifications for various order status updates including processingcompleted, canceled, and refunded
  • Test your messages before sending them to customers by delivering an example to yourself first

Final Thoughts

Email and social media marketing can sometimes feel like shouting in the void. SMS marketing provides a direct line to your users’ phones so you can capture their attention and build your platform.

WordPress SMS plugins make incorporating text messages into your marketing plan easy. Online retailers can keep customers updated with the WooCommerce Twilio extension. Service providers, however, may prefer using Easy Appointments to create an all-in-one booking and notification system.

Plus, having an impressive support team behind your WordPress site can free up your time to make the most of your marketing efforts.

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