Top 8 Ways To Improve The eCommerce Conversion Rate

E-commerce business has captured the market and many think that it’s the easiest way to open a successful business. But very few know the hard work it requires.

The first and foremost challenge that one faces during the opening of any business is: “What to sell?” After this big decision, you need to decide how you are going to source your products, set up your store, and then send the visitors to the desired webpage through advertisement.

Pheww! Now you think it is done and you might relax, you cannot be more wrong than this. The work has just started.

The digital world has become a platform for everyone to open their business online. Ever thought amongst 1000 of websites why customers will land on to your website only? The customers cannot be convinced by advertisement only. So there are some dos and don’ts to encourage customers to buy from your business and this is what we have brought to you in this post.

For attracting the customers to your site you advertise but to make a customer purchase your product you should know about “conversion rate”. It will be the most important thing to look at while planning on building your business and increasing revenue.

This conversion doesn’t happen on its own, for this, you need to optimize. But before that, you must know the dictionary meaning of conversion rate. According to many leading websites, an e-commerce conversion rate is “the percentage of visitors purchase in a given time”.

But be assured that to check the conversion rate this is not the only criteria. There are a lot of many ideas to measure the success of your store. Given below are the other criteria’s on which your success can be measured:

  1. Online Sale
  2. Customer add products in the cart
  3. Customer adds product in their wishlist
  4. Social media shares
  5. Customer sign-ups
  6. Any KPI the company finds suitable.

Now you know about the conversion rate and the measurement of the success rate of your store. But let’s talk about our topic and for what most of you must have visited our page i.e. How to increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce business immediately. Let’s Begin!

There are several ways to boost the conversion rate of your e-commerce business and few have been listed below

8 Ways To Improve The eCommerce Conversion Rate

1. High-quality image and video

High quality of product image and video usage from a customer and dwell in the fact that while shopping what will be the necessity. Unlike shopping in the stores, e-shopping becomes a tricky thing for the customers and hence, to have a high-quality image or video is a must.

In online shopping, the customers are unable to touch the material and know-how well it fits them or suits them. So, having a good quality image is what makes them buy your product.

2. Offer Free Shipping

The trend of free shipping was started by Amazon and now the customers have become accustomed to this. They have become so habitual that if you don’t provide free shipping then they won’t buy from your website. So, having a free shipping option is a must.

3. Limited Time Coupon Codes

Provide customers with limited-time coupon codes with reasonable discounts at the time of checkout. Limited time coupons will create an insurgency in the customers and they will be compelled to purchase from your website.

4. Be competitively priced

The basic thing to do to sell your product is to sell it at or below the average price from the competitor’s website. This will help with customer purchasing more products from your business.

5. Use cart abandonment software

First of all, you need to know how this works. Imagine a customer is visiting your site, they must have liked a product and then added it into the cart but exited the page and did not purchase anything. But if you have this software then the entire abandonment cart will help you in increasing your page rating.

6. Ecommerce checkout process test

If the checkout process of your store is too long, complicated or not up to the mark, you might lose a lot of customers right as they are ready to buy your product. For this, you need to have an idea of the industry standards.

7. Make your customers believe that your site is safe

You might think that this point may not hold that much importance in the conversion rate but this is very important. Imagine yourself as a customer on a new e-commerce site and you don’t know whether the site you have come across is safe to use or not, will you give your banking details to that site? The answer will be a big no. Hence, now you know that to make the customer buy your product you need to build a certain level of trust in a short time with your customers. This is needed to be done so that they enter their credit card details without hesitating.

To improve the conversion rate building the trust of your customer is very crucial. What a customer now a day’s wants to know that the store they are dealing with is a legitimate store and that they can trust it.

8. User-friendly Structure

By mentioning user-friendly structure we mean that to have a distinction in the products you are selling but remember don’t have too many levels. Having more than 7-8 levels might confuse the customer and they might find it difficult to avail of the desired product. Keep it short so that they can find their desired product very quickly.

Sometimes it becomes really important for you to allow the customer to have the option of the shop by color. Also, you must set up a rotating banner to showcase your products.


The above-mentioned ways will help you in the conversion rate of your e-commerce business. Now that you are well aware of the practices you need to follow then hurry up and apply these ways in your business and see it grow over time.

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