10 Tips to Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

As a marketer, are you struggling to improve your marketing campaign?

Many marketers at times wonder how they can reach out to the right people, at the right time, with the right message for an instant response from the audience.

And for such questions, SMS marketing is a full-proof solution and one of the most appropriate channels to support marketers as it has an incredible influence on the mobile audience.

Many marketing experts have shed light upon the fact that SMS marketing campaigns have a huge potential in the eCommerce industry as they are easy, convenient, inexpensive and profitable and thus help in reaching the targeted audience and converting leads into customers.

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What is an SMS Marketing Campaign?

An SMS Marketing campaign can be defined as a channel that allows you to reach out to your customers via text. SMS Marketing campaigns are profitable as they are easy and direct, drive customers to take action and work well with other marketing channels. SMS campaign is a better marketing channel to deliver essential information to people.

It has turned out to be the preferred communication channel for marketers, because successfully running SMS marketing campaigns offer a 98% open rate, compared to 20% of email marketing.

As a marketing channel, SMS Campaign is built to endorse awareness about brands, offer ongoing discounts, increase customer retention and lastly, improve and uplift sales.

Let’s take a closer look at some effective tips to improve SMS marketing campaigns which will ultimately benefit the business growth of Marketers.

Tips to Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

 1. The opt-in choice for the Audience

 Amidst the huge competition in brands, nailing the opt-in is important for establishing your place in the lives of your audience. The finest way to build a good relationship with your targeted audience is to give them a chance to opt-in but it is also important to clarify that discounts and offers are only available for the audience to encourage them to subscribe.

 To avoid Customer rejection which is the biggest threat in Marketing, the audience must use a subscription for opt-in which ensures that the audience has shared consent to be contacted. As a company, it permits you to utilize customer’s mobile numbers for personalized campaigns that include an offer or promotion which directly benefits the subscriber.

2. CTA for Customer Engagement


Consistently adding call-to-action to your content is the fastest way to approach the audience with clear content and next action steps. The content should be concise and precisely such as “Sign up today for a free demo” is a direct CTA. The CTA must deliver a quick but irresistible suggestion to the audience. If you constantly deliver the value that audiences are looking for in the SMS, they will never choose to Opt-out from the subscription and you will have them as customers for the long run.

3. Implementing K.I.S.S Strategy 

In marketing, KISS stands for Keep it Short and Simple so it is important to make sure that the message is short, concise and written in plain language. For an effective SMS marketing campaign, it is necessary to focus on implementing a K.I.S.S Strategy. The principle of KISS strategy was designed and originated in the United States in the 1960s. The principle signifies that most schemes and sales work best if you keep the message simple. In other words, Messages with simple and precise explanations generally seek more attention than those with complicated and long explanations.

4. Right Timing is a Bliss

Text Messaging is one of the most accessible platforms to interact with, with an open ratio of 97% within 3 minutes of delivery. When it comes to sending a text to the targeted audience, the right timing is crucial to get a quick response. According to a survey, the most popular times of weekdays that most marketers send messages are:

  • (21%) 5 pm – 6 pm 
  • (17%) 11 am – 12 pm 
  • (11%) 6 pm – 7 pm 

Now, if we talk about the wrong timing to send an SMS on weekdays to audiences, mostly early morning, late nights or when they are commuting to and from their office because consumers will be the most ignorant due to other priorities.

5. Time-sensitive offers


 The key to success is to create a sense of urgency that gives the audience a reason to act instantly. It is necessary to boost them with a good discount, which expires soon. In such cases, time-sensitive phrases such as “limited period offer”, “only one day left”, “offer expire tomorrow” play a significant part in seeking attention. Audiences with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) will not afford to miss something of their interest and will act accordingly.

 Example: “Grab it before it’s sold out. Last chance for 15% off on accessories. Offer expires midnight.”

6. Hold onto the audience with Valuable offers


Sharing the right text to the audience according to their choice of products and preferences will have a greater impact on the customer conversion rate because if the message is irrelevant, it will be of no interest to the audience, might annoy them and might lead to un-subscription. It is important to analyze each customer’s buying behavior and then come up with unique offers for each segment, to provide the most relevant offers as possible. The SMS shared with customers about products and discounts must carry them on a tide of Euphoria.

7. Personalized SMS campaign is an Asset


 A personalized SMS campaign approach improves conversion rate as it offers the audience the most relevant information which gains their attention and as we all know, Relevant information and audience attention are two of the keys to a successful SMS campaign. SMS personalization is one of the most engaging tools in marketing with open rates of 98%. And on the flip side, it helps marketers to stand out of the crowd with exclusive personalized campaigns.

 8. Enhance your omnichannel marketing

 Omnichannel marketing places the audience at the center of their business marketing strategy with a specific approach that provides the audience with a completely seamless and integrated shopping experience from the first touchpoint to the last. Contemporary audiences are omnichannel. It means that they sail between channels when interacting with an eCommerce brand and now marketers have started responding to that behavior. 

The main aim of an omnichannel strategy is to associate with several channels such as push, email, and social campaigns and bring them together to create a unified experience for the audience and lead to a higher retention rate.

Example: Many times, audiences abandon the cart while checking the products online which can’t be knocked out; however, integrating SMS into your omnichannel strategy can amend the issue by sending a reminder text to the audience such as ‘complete your purchase.’ This text is sent when a website or app notices a customer hasn’t completed their purchase.

9.  Friendly language for a better experience

To ensure better trust among customers it is important to use a friendly tone along with a personalized approach. Use everyday vocabulary, simple sentences, action verbs, and a personal style. Adding Emoji can make the interaction more casual and informal. Kick out jargon and hype marketing for a familiar tone in the message. Share birthday or anniversary greetings to make them feel you care. Such marketing strategies can be used to deliver an appealing and memorable experience to your customers via text.

Example: Hi Vibha, we missed you. Are you still looking for the same kurta? Check our new collection in kurtas for you 😊

10.  Improve the efficiency of your campaign

Modernized marketers have more access to customer data with the help of database marketing compared to others. Such marketing involves collecting accurate customer data like names, age, location, phone numbers, emails, addresses, transaction histories. 

Once you’ve analyzed and built your database, you can create a personalized experience for each existing and potential customer. It is important to make sure you have the consent of the customer to be on the list. Databases help you understand which services to pitch to the customers or predict who will buy what and when. 

To be the best in the market, you should improve your marketing efficiency by focusing on keeping the database updated as customers’ phone numbers get changed and deleted all the time, so you must check regularly to make sure you’re sending your messages to the right targeted people, not to the audience who are unlikely to respond.

Final Thoughts

SMS marketing is a blessing in disguise which gives marketers a chance to prove to their existing customers that they care. The SMS marketing campaign has become a go-to strategy for many market experts who understand that consumer preferences have changed drastically over the last few years. A well-planned SMS campaign is the best solution for customer retention and nurturing the relationship with existing customers by notifying customers of upcoming promotions, product launches, events, and sales of their interest.

It also complements Email marketing strategy which can help marketers to have more engaged and dedicated audiences who will always be ready to interact with your brand on both the channels which will ultimately uplift your business revenue. 

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