Personalized SMS for eCommerce Marketing

SMS marketing is an effective way to attract, engage, and retain eCommerce customers. It’s easy to use, scalable, and has a powerful impact. The dominance of SMS marketing is unparalleled in terms of customer retention. Texting is arguably one of the best modes of marketing for the eCommerce business. Unlike other marketing channels, SMS markets adhere to the highest engagement rate. 

From availing order status to contacting customer support, SMS remains the most preferred channel for the users as compared to its counterparts. So what is the most effective way to conduct SMS marketing? In the blog, we will break down some best practices related to this channel, which in turn help you make informed decisions. 

Get Permission & Use Clear Tone 

Make sure you have proper customer permission before you push out a string of text messages in their inbox. Otherwise, your marketing effort will convert into the spam and ruin your brand identity. 

There’s one big concern in context to SMS marketing for eCommerce that we as brands can’t sit ideal at any point in time. On a bad day, a fantastic personalized marketing opportunity can turn out to be creepy for the end-users. There’s a marginal difference between helpful and invasive, and if you overlook that line, you’ll jeopardize customer’s trust forever. 

Always start the preceding by sending the promotional content to motivates the customer to opt into text messaging. And to boost opt-ins, be clear about subscriber’s intention. What type of text messages can increase engagement, and at what frequency customer should be informed? 

For instance, “Text ‘SAVINGS’ to 33664 to get weekly coupons.” This shortcode explains everything from the main keyword to the contact number. Also, it clarifies the user’s mindset about what campaign they are signing up for.


You wouldn’t engage with a new visitor the way you would tackle loyal customers. The same is true for SMS. Segment your audience and make sure that each user gets valuable content that adheres to a high degree of relevancy.

New visitors may get benefits like free shipping or promo code, while the loyal customers might get access to newly-launched products or an invitation of a rewards program.

Make use of profile data to send discount offers or birthday promotions to render the personalized user experience and up conversions. 

Timing is crucial

Timing is everything when it comes to SMS marketing. Before you trigger the personalized SMS campaigns at the full throttle, figure out your user’s daily habits. This also involves the checking of users’ habits in context to mobile usages. 

According to the popular marketing agency, Mondays have the flattest response rates. Unless your message is particularly important to that day, bypass it. Also, you should be clear about common commute times, typically 4-7 pm and 6:30-8:30 am when your target audience is likely to engage with driving or other essential errands. 

Generally speaking, 10 am – 8 pm is the most suitable timeframe for SMS marketers. Hence, it becomes vital for you to confine the send times for your audience specific time zone. No one wants to engage with text messages at 4 am. 

Wrapping up

We have prepared this blog with an end goal to make SMS marketing more effective than ever. Hopefully, these strategies will throttle your campaign and give the push that it needed since its inception.

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