5 Marketing Automation Trends of 2020

Going into 2020, the Marketing Automation Software market is expected to continue growing at 8.55%, unlocking a market capitalization of US$ 6.4 billion by 2024. According to Emailmonday, more than 51% of companies are using Marketing Automation already. Over 58% of companies are planning to adopt it.

2020 will be all about creating unique, engaging experiences that add value to the evolved, super-connected, always-online consumer, and Marketing Automation will act as a catalyst in making it all happen.

So, without further ado, here are the top trends that will influence and dominate the Marketing Automation industry this year.

Marketing Automation Trends

1) Marketing Automation will continue to grow going into 2020


The stats discussed above clearly emphasize on the growth of Marketing Automation in 2020. And it could be down to a very simple reason – an increasing number of marketers are beginning to realize the value and potential of Marketing Automation, which is apparently increasing their investment in MarTech.

Based on predictive analysis of data, Marketers are expected to spend as much as 32 billion US$ in 2019 on Marketing Automation software. Here are some stats in that regard which should make your eyes pop-out.

2) Personalized Content Will Reign Supreme

The need for personalized content is not surprising at all today. But in all the communications you receive from brands, you’d still find a lack of personalization in most of them. And when you look at the numbers in support of it, you’d be hard-pressed to understand why?

In 2019, context will increasingly be the driving force behind business growth. Consumers are demanding relevant experiences from the brands they interact with. They expect brands to know their likes and preferences, and come up with intelligent product recommendations that are worth their while.

3) Smarter Marketing Automation: Machine Learning + AI Assisted Platforms

Predictive Personalization will be the pot of gold at the end of the Marketing Automation rainbow in 2019. Netflix and Starbucks are already up and running with recommendation engines that use AI + Machine Learning to create hyper-personalized experiences for customers. Their growth is proof enough that predictive personalization is the way ahead.

4) Chatbots Will Continue Making Waves

In the coming years, Chatbots will be playing a crucial role in customer service and customer engagement. Chatbots will become smarter and will be capable of behavioral recommendations in the future along with deep integration with third-party software.

5) Automated Social Media Marketing

Time spent on social media has increased from  135 minutes in 2017 to 143 minutes in 2019. Brands are eyeing an even bigger sizeable piece of your social screen time in 2019. The smart automation of social media marketing will be on the agenda, as brands try to reach out to the right audiences with their messaging at the right time in a user’s lives to maintain high contextual relevance.


Your user is no longer willing to wait and will make the jump to a better-suited competitor without a second thought. This is why Personalized Marketing Automation will play a key role in business as brands will scamper to create a more engaging, targeted and personalized experience for their users going ahead in 2020.

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