Using Marketing Automation to Build Authentic Customer Relationships

Businesses never fared well with the ‘build it, and they will come…’ attitude. They have to reach out to the customers who would be willing to pay them for their offerings. Finding such an audience falls in the ‘to-do’ list of marketing departments. The larger their budget, the better the reach. Though, marketing was never an easy undertaking. A blend of psychology, creativity, risk & the art-of-communication, marketing has always been a decisive factor in the making or breaking of any business. 

Marketing= Acquisition + Retention = ‘Another War’

With new businesses mushrooming in the arena, acquiring that precious customer demands a cutting-edge strategy. Even if you manage to acquire some, retaining them is another cut-throat sport. The digital world has opened up a plethora of options for the customers to choose whom to buy from. The power to accept or reject a brand lies with them, not us. And, there is always another competitor ready to steal your ‘acquisition opportunity’ away! 

But…Wait for it…  

Marketing automation is here to save the day! If customers have the power to choose, businesses have the power to improvise. Marketing automation tools give an unparalleled edge to enterprises, especially eCommerce players. Automating repetitive but key operations like omnichannel communication, email campaigns, push notifications & overall Customer Experience (CX) is the crux here. If this automation can grow ‘intelligent’ over time, then the enterprise doesn’t even need to bother about the marketing intelligence as well.

Why Should You Care?

In a world where 33% of the existing customers would consider changing the brand at a single instance of poor customer service, this proposition of marketing automation sounds promising. Customer Experience is one single metric that can make a substantial difference in how much a business can grow. In fact, companies that are confident in their CX metrics easily charge a 16% premium on their offerings. Needless to say, marketing automation for eCommerce can make a huge difference in the bottom line. 

Marketing Automation Powering Customer Relations…

Or more precisely, Customer Experience. But, how does automation manage to create a win-win scenario for the businesses and the customers? Here is how;

Touch of Personalization

Businesses that treat their prospects like any other number are headed towards self-destruction. Your customers love PERSONALIZATION! There is a solid reason behind this. Personalization builds rapport and rapport forges trust. Even if the only touchpoints between a customer and a business is their smartphone, personalization can be a deciding factor for that sales conversion. Marketing automation allows you to scale personalized content & offers for all your customers without any hick-up.

Enhance Retention

As pointed earlier, great customer experience is what your prospects crave for. Omnichannel Marketing Automation allows a brand to build consistent messaging around its offers. This enables customers to keep their trust vested and stick to a brand as long as it matches their experience standards. And, did you know, just a 5% increase in customer retention rate can boost your profitability by up to 75% (Bain & Co.)!! Also, cross-selling and upselling becomes a breeze.

Obviously, there are other benefits of marketing automation tools like enhanced effectiveness, reduced turnaround time for operations & scalability. 

Why don’t you test the waters yourself and build a rock-solid brand with an intelligent marketing automation tool? Give Wizgo ago, today!      

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