5 Clever Marketing Automation Examples Every Marketer Should Use

Marketing automation is your company’s best friend.

Actions that fall into the marketing automation category can help you streamline essential tasks and optimize the overall efficiency of your marketing campaign. From emails to exclusive content, marketing automation can help you manage your campaign and maximize your results.

Given the myriad of benefits offered by this handy strategy, it’s no wonder so many companies use marketing automation to maximize their organization’s performance. It’s not uncommon for business leaders to question the value of marketing automation.

Best Marketing Automation Examples

1. Welcome emails




So, you’ve just earned yourself a new client — congratulations! Don’t let your joy over your recent acquisition overshadow your need to keep this new customer loyal. Fortunately, with marketing automation tactics, you can welcome every new client who joins your business.

Sending a welcome email is more than a great way to create a positive first impression. On average, welcome emails can help you generate 320 percent more revenue than compared to a promotional email.

They’re also more likely to lead to clicks and opens too.

It takes a well-crafted and strategically outlined message to reap these benefits.

2. Win-back programs


You can’t keep 100 percent of your clients dedicated to your services — but you can improve your existing client retention with marketing automation. Win-back programs are the perfect way to reconnect with your clients and reignite interest in your brand or services.

Dropbox, a company that offers cloud storage services, provides an excellent marketing automation example when it comes to re-establishing contact with past clients or at-risk customers.

3. Downloadable gated content


Gated content is useful for a handful of reasons.

Not only do you get to generate new leads but you also get to provide users with helpful information. That’s why downloadable gated content is a proven strategy for lead generation, as well as another example of marketing automation.

4. Lead magnets


For companies today, getting leads can take a lot of time and energy.

In marketing, your magnets are how you go about earning your leads. Magnets typically consist of any measures that help you gain a user’s information. These measures can include video series, exclusive podcasts, and even contests.

However, it’s a time-consuming process.

Fortunately, lead magnets are easy to automate.

5. Abandoned shopping cart emails


Surveys show that roughly 54 percent of consumers regain interest in a company after receiving a reminder email. So, don’t get discouraged by abandoned shopping carts just yet. You can use marketing automation to motivate those shoppers to check out.

If you operate an eCommerce business, for example, and have found that you deal with consumers leaving items unpurchased in their virtual shopping carts, you can start sending out an automated abandoned shopping cart email to improve your targeting efforts.

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