How Can SMS Marketing Power Your Ecommerce Brand?

SMS over call.. a new trend in the contemporary world but have you ever wondered, how it can be profitable for the eCommerce brand?

Not yet, Right? 

So, take a look at the perks of SMS marketing for business growth:

  • 66% of the audience prefer SMS over email/call as it is a convenient way to connect with customers, thus eCommerce brands opting for “call-to-messaging deflection” strategy can increase customer satisfaction and boost the overall performance of the business. 
  • With the right approach, text messaging can help the brand sell more as SMS has a 98% open rate and 36% CTR on average.
  • Outclass personalized SMS experience can offer 55% of the audience to happily buy more products.

SMS marketing is an exceptional technique for savvy marketers to bridge the gap amongst all the channels (email, push), scale-down cart abandonment rates, uplift sales and become the best in the eCommerce market.

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To understand this statement, Let’s dive straight into how SMS marketing has a great impact on the eCommerce brand.

SMS as a Cost and Time-saving partner

SMS marketing, compared to any other channel is low-priced and is one of the most efficient channels to communicate with customers.

A well-designed and planned bulk SMS campaign can help eCommerce brands to stay ahead of their competitors by sending a message to the targeted audience at a single time, which will be cost-effective and time-saving.

Due to this promotional, transactional, OTP, all the messages are shared via SMS because of low- cost investment of the brand and high response rate of the audience.

Unique SMS keyword for audience

The keyword in SMS Marketing is a unique short-code that comes with an offer or benefits for the customer. For a better approach to the audience, avoid using special characters or more than one word in the keyword as it might confuse the audience. It is best advised to keep the keywords simple, easy, and short.

Example: When the audience receives the keyword on SMS such as “TEXTSHOES to 252525 to receive a monthly discount alert before others” it will be easier to understand.

The audience will respond to SMS with “TEXTSHOES” to 252525, then you will immediately share an exclusive discount code on shoes to the audience that they can apply to their next purchase.

Curtail cart abandonment rates

SMS marketing for eCommerce is a highly responsive channel for cart abandonment reminders, compared to any other channel such as email. It reminds the audience about the items they have abandoned in the cart and encourages them to return to checkout. 

For a prompt response, share the URL link in SMS to direct the audience to the cart to complete the purchase.

Example: “Hey!! Looks like you forgot something in Cart. Buy it before it’s sold out”

Notify the audience about relevant events

As we know, the Audience generally reads text messages within 3 minutes after receiving the SMS notifications, thus the best channel to notify the audience about all the events is SMS. 

Notifying the customer about events such as ongoing discount or sale, confirmation of the order, shipment, order out-for delivery, order delivered, and many others in eCommerce SMS marketing keep the customer engaged. It creates a seamless purchase journey for the audience by notifying them about each stage of the order. 

On the other hand, it also helps an eCommerce brand to build loyal and satisfied customers which leads to cut-down inbound time-draining order queries and enhances customer retention rate.

Example: Notifying customers from “Hey there? Your order having 2 items has been confirmed” to “Your product is out for delivery and will reach you before 6 pm” will not only make customers upbeat but will also reduce unnecessary interaction of customers with the support team regarding order related queries.

Implementing SMS Customer Support

SMS marketing is the easiest and yet the powerful channel to conduct two – way conversation between brand and audience.

Contemporary Audiences are choosing texts over phone conversations for customer support to save their time, thus implementing SMS customer support for the audience will be more profitable for the eCommerce brand. It can help the customer to get a prompt response on their query, as text messaging has a reputation for being more accurate and instant than a call or email.

SMS customer support enhances your relationship with customers by being available on their preferred channel (SMS) which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Feedback for upgrading

SMS surveys help a brand to evaluate customer reviews about the product and services to improve the company action plan. 

Following up with customers for feedback, once they have received the product can provide real-time information to the brand about customer opinion on services or product. It enables the marketers to understand customer product preferences, customer contentment, discover the areas of improvement and accordingly rectify them.

It is generally suggested that feedback should be taken after every purchase to engage the customer and make them feel their opinion matters.

Example: “Hey Maria! Thank you for shopping with us. To serve you better please share your review with us. 1. Excellent 😊 2. Good 😊 3. Average ☹  4. Bad ☹

SMS as Future market trend

SMS marketing is a popular channel among all the marketers for its hassle-free reach to the audience, incredible customer engagement, and dynamic conversion rate which ultimately profit the business.

According to a study, 75% of millennials would rather text than talk on the phone as the phone calls are time-consuming. Unlike other channels, SMS is a better and flexible platform to provide orders related to ongoing sale updates to millennials as they are never without their phone. The response rate of the Millennials on sales and discounts on messages will be higher and that will enhance the business revenue of the eCommerce brand.

If personalized messages are shared with the audiences of all generations (GEN X – GEN Z) and are satisfied with the service and customer support of a brand then it increases customer acceptance towards future SMS for the same business which gives a better opportunity to the brand for exceptional future marketing.

Below are the basic steps to implement an SMS channel strategy in your eCommerce brand:

1. Ensure opt-in permission

The foremost step to maintain a good reputation amongst the audience is to ensure that the audience has subscribed for Opt-in and has permitted to receive updates related to products and services on texts.

2. Look for correct platform and database

In this step, you need to find a platform capable of sending and receiving text messages and maintain a correct database of the audience including the revised phone number to share updates on products and services.

3. Choose a Keyword and Set up an Automated Response

A keyword is a short-code composed of letters and numbers shared with the audience to sign up for future discounts. Example: “Text COFFEE to 252525

Once the audience texts the keyword “COFFEE”, an automated response needs to be set up to confirm the subscription and share discount coupon and welcome message to the audience.

4. Enlarge SMS Audience

For this step, turn your email subscribers into SMS subscribers by promoting SMS alerts on company sites and email campaigns. 

While sharing the customer subscription form to the audience to sign up, you can also add-on option of “Phone number” in the form, and once they subscribe share a discount code coupon with them.

Last, of all, you can also directly approach your most loyal customers for referral as 60% of the audience will tell relatives or friends if they feel content with the services of the brand.

5. Schedule and Send SMS Campaign

After building an SMS audience, it’s a great chance to launch your first eCommerce text marketing campaign. For an effective SMS campaign, noon is the best and accurate time to send an SMS campaign to the audience, no matter the day of the week. 

It is important for you to pre-plan the SMS marketing campaign and schedule it with a specific time and date as it reduces the chances of missed campaign opportunities and will reach the customer at the precise time.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, companies around the globe have become too competitive that they want to be market champions and stay distinguished from the pile. To excel and stand out in the eCommerce world, the most popular phrase “A penny saved is the penny earned” can be implemented in the SMS marketing ideas as it will help marketers to control the expense and yet deliver the best service to the audience.

SMS marketing is a powerful strategy for eCommerce brands to grow their business as it not only provides a friendly and smooth online shopping experience to the audience but also cuts down the cost of customer service and enhances the high response rate of the audience which empowers eCommerce brands for future marketing opportunities. 

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