Top 20 Free Software List for everyone functioning during the COVID-19 crisis

Corona Virus has taken the world by storm.

With the precautions of taking care of our hygiene self, there is also another precaution which multiple individuals are applying today, self-isolation.

Due to self-isolation, multiple brands, schools, and other people are asked to work from home. The work from home concept is great because none of the work is being halted.

But how can you connect with your peers or students or others? Which software is better? Which software can help you to increase your productivity better?

All of these questions have a solution which this article has listed below.

From the list identify which software matches your requirements and click on the links mentioned to connect better with others.

20 Free Software for everyone functioning during the COVID-19 crisis

1. Audiencefy


Targeting the right audience and managing data now made easy. is the best customer segmentation and eCommerce analytics app to optimize your marketing campaigns. Audiencefy is integrated with your Shopify store to automatically populate customers’ order information, individual customer data, and journey, analytics, insights and more.

2.  Adobe


Adobe is a solution that offers software design tools and web conferencing. It is offering free access at home for students as well as the teachers with regards to its Creative Cloud suite of tools which will be available till May 31st.

It is also offering its web conferencing services for free as well to schools, government agencies, and businesses on a 90-day  license which can run till July 1st. Also, Adobe has created resources in the form of blogs for distance learning so that readers can get an idea of how they can go about it.

3. Airtable


When it comes to getting organized, Airtable can be your friend. Airtable offers a spreadsheet where you can manage whatever activities you conduct by including long notes, checklists, priority icons and more. It is a solution that can help you understand what you need to do next and never miss out on any of your events or meetings. All you need to do is just make a note.

Airtable is now offering its Airtable ‘Pro’ feature for free for the next three months. This free feature is soon to be applied for students as well. All you need to do is fill out a form and Airtable will get back to you.

4. Atlassian


Atlassian offers work tools to increase efficiency and productivity. It offers workflows and team collaborations tools so that work can be aligned in a better manner. They are giving away their main products such as project tracking software and confluence team collaboration software for free. This offer applies to a team of 10 people and that too without any time limit.

Also, from the educational front, Atlassian is offering a one-year free subscription to its ‘Trello Business Class’ section so that the tutors can easily schedule and manage their students’ coursework and other performance activities.

5. Blue jeans


The best way to connect with others in times like this is through video conferencing. Blue jeans are offering its video conferencing services to all the NGOs who are taking care of communities of COVID- 19. The software is free for 90 days and it can be extended if the circumstances ask for it.

Blue jeans are great because in times all like this, connecting with communities and managing this virus becomes easier. There is more room for communication and every activity can work accordingly without any confusion or hassles.

6. Box


Box is a convenient tool that stresses its focus on storage, cloud content collaboration and simplified workflows for all its users. On such a situation being faced currently, the CEO of Box, Mr. Levie had stated in his twitter, that the brand is offering unlimited storage and data loss protection for free for the next 90 days. Sign up for their free trial and get started today.

7. Calendly


Calendly’s main focus is scheduling software integrations with video conferencing services. With calendly you can now schedule meetings easily without any hassle. This way you can also connect with your peers and customers at convenient times.

Earlier for the integration, calendly use to charge for the service, but now they are giving it for free and also they are giving away their premium access for free to those individuals who are working on eliminating COVID-19.

8. Carto


Carto offers spatial analysis where they convert your location data into business results. Imagine how well it would work if the communities who are managing the COVID-19 use it? It would be helpful to guide the community in understanding what results are and how they should react to it.

On this note, Carto has announced that with its grants program, its services will be free. Carto is a great solution because earlier as well they have managed to support and help other public related projects. Get started on Carto TODAY.

9. Cisco


Cisco too has joined hands in offering a free service of their Webex solution. The creator of Webex has announced that they will offer a free version of their video conferencing software to all their users whom they render their service to.

The video conferencing service has no time limits and can conduct their service of up to 100 people. It would be like a virtual office in the comfort of your own home. Get your video team conference starting today.

10. Dialpad


For those who are conducting their business in North America and Japan, Dialpad has a great offer for you. Dialpad’s main focus is cloud-based phone system and video conferencing service so they are offering their service ‘Dialpad Talk Pro’ for free for the first two months of the usage.

Once you’re done with the usage, you can even walk away without any payments in hand and for those who want to retain longer, there are chances of the service extension. Those users who sign up for Dialpad’s conference tool called Uber Conference Business will also avail that for free.

11. Dropbox


You are aware of Dropbox as cloud storage for all your visuals and information to be stored securely. The main focus of Dropbox is cloud content collaboration and storage plus electronic agreements.

Dropbox business is now offering remote working and Hello Sign Enterprise helps to manage electronic agreements where their service will be available up to 6 months free for those users who are engaged in the COVID-19 activities. Sign up here.

12. Facebook


Facebook too has joined the league by offering a free version of their premium plan of Workplace Advanced for an entire year to the government and emergency services. The offer consists of the complete services offered by Facebook and also their file sharing option.

Enroll for this offer before June 30th. When this offer is complete, users can select whether they would like to continue with the premium plan or stick to their basic plans.

13. Google


Google too has joined hands to offer free video-conferencing of their solution Advanced Hangouts to all their G Suite and G Suite for Education services users. The video call can connect up to 250 people where the option is also given to record the call and save it easily in Google drive.

14. LogMeIn


LogMeIn’s main focus is on video conferencing, device and webinars management. It offers two kinds of solutions which are GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar services. They have made their two solutions available to help in on the spot remote working situations.

LogMeIn is offering a free three-month site-wide license to the following departments, healthcare, educational institutions and also municipalities. If you are an existing user, you too can get this free offer for three months.

15. Limecall


Why should you miss out on connecting with your prospects since you’re working from home? With Limecall, easily connect with your prospects and convert them into a sales lead by catering to them at the right time. While you work from home, let Limecall help you to connect with your prospects on the spot so that you never miss out on any of your potential leads.

Limecall offers you their free feature where you keep a track of your calls and connect with your leads via a call widget. Sign up for Limecall today.

16. Loom


Loom offers video messaging services to its users. It is now offering free its premium Loom Pro service for free for up to 14 to 30 days. Also previously there was a limit of up to 25 users to make use of their video messaging service but now they have scrapped that off as well. The loom is also offering its free service to the educational front for all students and teachers at k-12 schools, universities and any other institutions without any time restrictions.

All you need to do is sign up for Loom. You will first start to use the Loom Pro 1 month trial pack until they verify the educational details you’ve mentioned. After the verification, your account status will change to education and you can then commence.

17. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is a popular name when it comes to sharing information on an electronic basis. Multiple brands make use of such a solution in order to send out information about their brand via newsletters or to conduct promotional activities to exhibit their brand better.

Understanding this Mailchimp is offering free accounts for all its features to all the schools, healthcare, local governments, nonprofits, and other organizations that want to spread the information related to the virus. This action will keep more individuals aware of what precautions can be taken so that the virus can be eliminated quicker.

Also, those who are using Mailchimp with the basic and free plans, you will be upgraded to Mailchimp’s standard option without any cost. Also, any existing customers of Mailchimp’s Standard plan will not receive any bills during this time.

this Mailchimp is offering free accounts for all its features to all the schools, healthcare, local governments, nonprofits, and other organizations that want to spread the information related to the virus. This action will keep more individuals aware of what precautions can be taken so that the virus can be eliminated quicker.

Also, those who are using Mailchimp with the basic and free plans, you will be upgraded to Mailchimp’s standard option without any cost. Also, any existing customers of Mailchimp’s Standard plan will not receive any bills during this time.

18. Microsoft


Microsoft too has joined their hands to offer their service of team collaboration and communication to all their users. If you opt for the free version of Microsoft, earlier the limit of individuals was restricted to 300, now Microsoft has removed any of those limits.

Also, Microsoft is offering its normal or rather basic version of their Office 365 enterprise suite of productivity tools for Word and Excel to be free for 6 months to all the organizations. This will upgrade them to make use of the Microsoft premium service.

19. Panopto


Panopto focuses on the creation of video content. Panopto Cloud is offering its service to the educational teachers and high executives to record and share video content no matter how much content will be streamed or created by them.

This is offered for free for three months. This is great because no students will have to miss out on any education since teachers can easily record vital information and share the same with their students without any limitations. Sign up here.

20. Salesforce


Salesforce’s main focus here is cloud-based health system and data plus team collaboration where they have joined hands to offer free access to their ‘Health cloud’ service for all those impacting the COVID-19 crisis such as call centers, response teams, care groups and more.

Salesforce is also giving away their basic ‘Quip team collaboration software’ available for any of their customers or nonprofit organizations till September 30th. Also, their Tableau department has ensured that any corona related resources are free to access.

21. ServiceNow


ServiceNow helps brands to conduct their workflows in a digitalized manner. Hence they have released many new applications out of which one is incident response workflows. This has been created for free so that agencies can make use of it. Also, the other applications of ServiceNow which could be accessed for free are now available for their non-customers as well to make use.

There are also other workflow applications where brands can make use to share any COVID-19 related information which can help employees to understand the risks, precautions, and situations related to the virus.

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