Email Marketing Ideas for Christmas 2019

Christmas is the best time of the year. People are full of expectations and hopes for miracles and happiness to come or stay.

While marketers are full of hopes to break their selling record 😉

Today is the right time to start preparing for the holiday season and reach out to our clients with perfect Christmas emails.

Why now exactly? — Because, per research conducted by the NRF, 43% of gifts for this magic holiday are bought in November. And only 18% will be bought in December.

Interesting stats about Christmas and consumers behavior:

  1. An average consumer will spend $1,048 on Christmas gifts and decorations in 2019.

  2. 56% of consumers plan to shop online.

  3. 73% of all consumers use their phones and tablets to search for the best presents. Even if later they go to an offline store.

How can you make your Christmas emails stand out among thousands of offers provided by other brands?

It’s not that difficult. The key to success in Christmas email marketing is simple — do not to sell your products, put a smile on your customers’ faces and spread the Christmas spirit! This makes your newsletters effective as recipients are more likely to buy from those who spread the mood.

Christmas campaign ideas

We are willing to share the results of the investigations we’ve conducted on this topic and our own impressions of emails in our Inboxes.

1. Choose the right time to start

Some influencers recommend starting Christmas campaigns right after Thanksgiving, while others suggest that you do it much sooner.

We think it totally depends on your business.

If you run an online store, you may start your Christmas email campaigns at the beginning of November.

2. Build sequences of emails

The best Christmas email campaigns comprise sequences. We need sequences to a) set the holiday spirit, which convinces customers to buy from us, b) remind customers about ourselves if we start our Christmas campaign before the holiday.

The number of emails in the sequence depends on its duration. But more than one or two emails per week may annoy.

The Christmas newsletter ideas for the sequence:

Email 1. Teasing recipients


Teaser emails make recipients anticipate the next email. Gamification can be of great use here.

Put a shade of intrigue on everything you do in this campaign. Make readers think of you!

Email 2. Revealing secrets

When you finally decide to let the customers know what they’re about to get, make the focus on it in your Christmas newsletters.

Email 3. Using countdown timers


A week or two before your sales starts, be sure to add a countdown timer to:

  1. let them know there’s not much time left till the holiday;

  2. to urge to shop.

Email 4. Announcing the start of the sale

Yes, you’ve informed your customers that the sale will start on Day X. But it’s too soon to rest as customers may forget about it. We now need to reach out to them when the sale actually begins.

Email 5. Greeting customers on Christmas Eve


Certainly, on this day there might be someone who will still buy from you, but normally people are ready to celebrate. Congratulate them on the best Holiday of the year! Let subscribers feel special, let them know you reach out to them not only to sell but show them you care.

3. Think your value offer through

No matter how much we love this holiday, we would not mind getting some discounts on presents for our family and friends.

There are three major kinds of discounts:

Personalized email discount


It can be a coupon for all those who shopped with you just once or a lifetime discount who spent a certain amount of money on your services.

Conditional discount


If they spent a certain amount through 2019, then in 2020 they will have an additional discount to all your products and services.

This may encourage customers to shop with you again and again.

Also, you can offer them a discount that depends on the amount they are going to spend in your online store now.

20% off if they spend, say, $200; 30% off — when they spend $300, etc.

Major Christmas sale

This is the time when we are looking for special presents for our friends, family, beloved ones, colleagues, etc. Certainly, a little discount will be of great use.

4. Giving presents

Apart from giving huge discounts, you can also give presents to your subscribers.

This simple “trick” will:

  • drive traffic to your website;

  • make subscribers strive for your products — many will buy if they don’t win;

  • will make at least one person happy — isn’t it great?

5. Help everyone get what they really want 

You wanted a fishing spinner, but your friends bought a pair of socks? You wanted a pair of jeans, but your family bought another pair of socks? This happens quite often.

Why not help your subscribers get what they really want?

Here’s what Chubbies did last year: they let their customers add favorite items to cart. And then this brand “hinted” to friends and relatives of their subscribers what items this particular user added to his or her cart.

6. Run contests


Competitions always win our interest. Some would like to participate, while others would love to watch and vote.

It’s because everyone is already in the holiday spirit and you just need to entice them a bit more through your Christmas email marketing automation to interact with you during the holiday season.

7. Announce free shipping

Like we’ve said above, customers are ready to spend an impressive $1,043 on presents. This is huge. Give them a little reward for being so kind and generous to their friends — offer free shipping.

The NRF states that 92% of customers are going to shop with brands that provide free shipping. 92%! You see, it matters!

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