5 Must-Have Ecommerce Automation Tools

Running an eCommerce store is hard work. There are too many tasks to take care of and not enough time to focus on growing the business.

In many cases, the bulk of the activities comprises of mundane tasks that could be easily automated through tools and platforms. The good news is that eCommerce store owners and managers now have access to a wide range of marketing and store automation tools that handle the repeat tasks very effectively.

The real challenge is that there are just too many tools to choose from. To help out the readers, I have selected the following essential eCommerce automation tools that add great value to the holiday season store management activities.

5 Must-Have Ecommerce Automation Tools

1. Contalog


The first in the list of eCommerce automation tools is Contalog. It offers a powerful inventory and order management system that keeps track of the stock levels and inventory status effortlessly. All the information synced across all sales channels so that you could make informed decisions during the Holiday Season rush.

The system could handle a wide range of product attributes and quantities. In addition, it is smart enough to predict inventory level requirements to ensure that your store is able to fulfill all orders efficiently. Contalog could partially process the orders, improving the customer experience in your store.

2. TextExpander


An important part of eCommerce management is sending out a lot of emails. In addition, you have to post social media posts and custom messages. Instead of wasting a lot of time typing everything from scratch, I recommend TextExpander, a marketing automation tool that keeps all your text snippets in one place. Whenever you need to send out an email or a message, all you have to do is to choose the right snippet and insert it at the right location.

Given the highly positive impact of personalization, TextExpander is one of the greatest eCommerce automation tools that help generate customized messages in a jiffy. The tool supports several languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

3. Infusionsoft


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your eCommerce marketing needs, look no further than InfusionSoft. This eCommerce automation tool allows you to access more than 200 applications and platforms from a single location so that you do not waste time switching between tasks and tools.

InfusionSoft offers a complete business suite including CRM, analytics, sales and marketing automation, and even credit card processing. In addition, with this eCommerce marketing automation tool, you could take advantage of the built-in campaigns to further automate the many store tasks that take up a lot of precious time.

Developers could further expand the platform by using the InfusionSoft API that allows third-party applications and tools to communicate with the platform. Thus, you could easily set up custom applications to work seamlessly with the InfusionSoft platform.

4. Zapier


Zapier is one of the great eCommerce automation tools that allow you to connect all your tools and applications to a single access point. This means that instead of juggling a lot of tasks, you only have to open the Zapier platform and get things done in minimum time.

You could set up either custom workflows or start off with the provided options. In both cases, workflows called Zaps integrate third-party tools to facilitate data and functionally exchange.

To date, Zapier supports more than 750 apps including email clients, spreadsheets, accounting tools, and communication platforms. Using this eCommerce marketing automation tool you could set up custom solutions that connect several applications to increase and enhance store-level automation.

5. Ecomdash


Another in the list of eCommerce automation tools is Ecomdash. It is a great solution that automates most of the aspects of store inventory management. This marketing automation tool operates in real-time is available across several channels so that you do not have to guess your stock levels anymore.

However, Ecomdash is more than just another inventory management tool. It is a complete solution that covers business operation areas such as order and inventory management, drop shipping management and shipping management.

You could further customize the platform by using the eCommerce API that allows developers to create custom integrations for suiting specific requirements of the stores.

Wrapping Up

To make an online store successful, you have to implement a large number of tasks on a daily basis. However, it’s not easy to perform every task and for that, automation tools are the best choice. So, in this article, I have shared a list of marketing automation tools with their details that would help you run an eCommerce store with minimal effort. If you think I have missed out on any eCommerce automation tools, just drop your comment and I’ll surely respond to you.

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