5 Benefits of Push Notifications in Ecommerce


In digital marketing, things rarely stay the same for long. Whether it’s new competitors or changing customer preferences, the landscape is always shifting. For many companies, there is a perpetual quest to be faster and more responsive. Advances in technology certainly make that easier, and today, marketers are spoiled for choice when it comes to … Read more

Are Web Push Notifications Helping or Hurting Your Site?


Web push notifications can present an enormous opportunity for marketers to connect with their target audience — if they are used effectively. Statistics show that they have an 80% market reach, based on the number of browsers supporting web push (PushPushGo), with click-through rates typically seven times higher than email marketing, and opening rates 50% … Read more

eCommerce Marketing Using Push Notifications in 2020


Growth is becoming increasingly difficult. Marketers across the globe are scouting for innovative methods and tactics to attract users. eCommerce marketing using push notifications is slowly hitting the mainstream, especially in e-commerce. This article talks about how marketers in retail are using this channel to drive business. There are more than 1.7 Million eCommerce websites … Read more

4 Best Use Cases Of Personalized Push Notifications


The modern consumer desires a truly personalized experience, with timely, relevant messages delivered to them through their preferred channels, placing the power in their hands. The proliferation of smartphones and the explosion of application usage have created a phenomenal opportunity for marketers to adopt and implement personalized push notification messaging strategies. Mobile apps and push … Read more

5 Examples Of eCommerce Push Notifications For Increasing Revenue


The retail sector is moving fast towards an amalgamation of both offline and online experiences. Today, consumers switch seamlessly between physical and online stores. Customer journeys are integrated in such a detailed manner now, that the idea of online shopping being a distinct activity when compared to brick-and-mortar shopping, no more exists. In fact, e-retail … Read more