How to Build a Powerful SMS Subscriber List for your eCommerce Store

You need a perfect storm of reputation, revenue, and referrals to whirlwind your business into a success.

In the middle of running your business, maintaining your website, and perfecting your product, it can feel impossible to also find time to connect with clients. But connecting with clients is vital to increasing engagements, and engagements drive revenue.

So what do you do?

You start by gathering a group of customers who keep coming back—and there’s no better way to do that than through an SMS subscriber list.

Why build an SMS subscriber list?

Chances are you already have an email subscriber list you’re building, but you’re noticing that less than 15% of your emails are actually opened.

In between struggling to increase your email subscribers’ engagement and raising your email click-through rate (the average is less than 3%), are you going to have time to also build an SMS subscriber list? Absolutely, and here’s why.

The results with SMS are going to be fast and huge:

  • 98% of text messages are opened
  • 95% of text messages are read within three minutes
  • 90 seconds is the average response time for any text

How to Build SMS Subscriber List

1. Catch customers at your brick-and-mortar register


Customers always have to pass your register before they leave with a purchase—which means you know you’ll always have a chance to catch them.

Display a traditional signup sheet beside the register, or invest in short or long code customers can text to signup and receive a free item at checkout.

2. Add a signup option to your online checkout


It’s not just brick-and-mortars that have checkouts—online customers have to visit a digital register too.

Simply add a form customers can fill out to be included in your list, or offer customers a mini discount for joining. Discounts have been found to speed up a customer’s decision making process by 48%.

3. Display signup forms at conferences


Forms should have their layouts carefully designed to attract the most signups at a conference. Here are some quick tips to help yours stand out in a sea of other booths (these apply to both digital and physical forms).

  • Use one column instead of two
  • Eliminate distractions, like unneeded images and extra wording
  • List out every reward a new subscriber will receive for joining

4. Advertise your subscription on your website


If a customer sees something at least seven times, they’re more likely to take action. That means customers who frequently visit your website are going to notice an ad for your subscription if it stands out enough.

5. Ask existing contacts for referrals


60% of customers will tell their friends and family about your business if they feel loyal to it—all you have to do is ask for the referral.

You can directly ask your most loyal subscribers for referrals, or offer new subscribers gifts and discounts for getting their friends to sign up.


Now that you know the bread and butter of building your subscriber list, you can start actively reaching out to current customers for their numbers.

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