5 Best SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to notify your customers about orders or product updates, then you have to check out these SMS Shopify apps.  All of these SMS Marketing apps are designed for sending text messages, and they come with amazing features like triggered messages, reports and analytics, support for international numbers, customizable message templates, and more.

Best SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify

1. SMS + FREE Web Push messages by Firepush

SMS + FREE Web Push messages designed by Firepush is believed to be a must-have app in your Shopify store. It not only sends your customers the SMS to inform them about the orders they’ve made but also encourages them to make more purchases. This app also automated push notifications and SMS messages to attract clients. It helps in reducing abandoned carts by sending them price drops and back in stock messages to encourage them to complete these orders.

Key features

  • Display automated push notifications and SMS messages to attract clients
  • Reduce abandoned cart by sending clients price drop and back in stock messages
  • Send your customers a reminder or a special offer to encourage them to buy items
  • Make your clients aware of what’s news in your online store
  • Offer your customers discount codes or promotions to inspire them

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2. SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger by Laralancer

To provide the best solution for the Shopify store owners, the SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger was invented with the most useful features. It is a fully automated and customizable app, so the store owners can design their own stores with the best themes. Besides, the SMS + FREE Facebook Messenger app also integrates with multiple tools such as Facebook messenger and SMS notifications on Shopify. Therefore, it can empower your store and attract more customers in different countries.

Key features

  • Fully automated design with SMS and FB Messager
  • Send SMS and Messenger notifications to customers when they abandon their cart
  • Customize the menu on Messenger easily
  • Enable sending the discounts through messages and SMS
  • Provide a countdown bar

3. SMSBump SMS Marketing by Isense ltd.

SMSBump SMS Marketing is an excellent assistant tool for all Shopify store administrators to recover abandoned carts and effectively boost sales with SMS messages. With SMS Bump SMS Marketing, you are allowed to configure text automation which is based on specific events in your store. Also, you can create various marketing campaigns in a few seconds and get results tracked, schedule the campaigns, and many more. Furthermore, you are able to customize its look by adding your own subscription form to gather a ton of clients’ contacts. Moreover, this application supports you to track your Shopify discount codes, restrict specific countries to send the messages.

Key features

  • Inputting quiet hours according to your store’s timezone
  • Allow user to put a restriction on a specific country
  • Optimize the cost by putting the max value allowed
  • Create automated lists based on the interaction from customers
  • Enable users to use emojis to attract more customers

4. Superhuman Checkout Recovery by Savemysales, inc.

Superhuman Checkout Recovery developed by SaveMySales, Inc can aid in recovering the lost sales with one of the most professional teams. In fact, SaveMySales is known as an effective solution to help save the abandoned carts from stopping being sales. The app uses SMS messages to all of the abandoned cart customers to begin conversions and close sales. In addition, you can watch your SMS conversation in real-time and you can track some key metrics such as sales, reach, and order value. Moreover, the app can provide users with phone or text account supports.

Key features

  • Increase the recovery of abandoned carts to grow sales
  • Manage users’ personal account to boost up the performance
  • Enable to offer a discount to maximize sales
  • Send messages to abandoned carts shoppers
  • Get sales numbers analyzed

5. SMS Notifications by Onjection labs

SMS Notifications, which is created by Onjection Labs, is one of the best apps helps you send SMS to your clients. As they make a purchase, there will be some important information to notify them such as the delivery status or the order cancellation. With this app, you don’t have to waste too much money on undelivered shipments. It provides you with the fastest way to inform your clients via SMS. All information will be transfer simply and immediately. Furthermore, this app informs the customers to know about their abandoned cart and inspires them to recover it by offering recovery SMS. Your abandoned products will be decreased dramatically. This app also shows your sincerity by sending messages to thank your customers for purchasing your items. If there come new orders, it will let your store admins know instantly. Especially, SMS Notifications is completely free for you to install. Experience it as soon as possible.

Key features

  • Send your customers SMS about their order information
  • Alert the clients to recover their abandoned cart
  • Send SMS to thank your customers and encourage them to buy more
  • Notify to your store admins if new orders are coming
  • Help you reduce costs associated with undelivered shipments

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