6 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales Instantly

Shopify makes it super easy for everyone to set up their online store and start selling. And, did you know that there are already also hundreds of Shopify apps available to help you grow your store?

But, with so many Shopify apps to choose from, it can be daunting to find the ones that will actually help you grow your online store.

We know that revenue can’t grow without the right tools and technologies, so we’ve done a lot of research to find the best Shopify apps to increase online sales.

Best Shopify Apps To Boost Sales



OptinMonster is first on this list of the best Shopify apps because it will help you to generate leads and increase sales.

Out of all the marketing apps on Shopify, OptinMonster is the best to instantly lift sales easily:

OptinMonster is the also best option to collect email addresses, boost eCommerce conversions, and make more sales.


ecommerce-analytic-app-shopify-audiencefy-1000x527 is the best customer segmentation and analytics app for Shopify stores. You don’t need to do any integration. Just install the app and it will build all reports and insights for you. It gives you intuitive and robust reporting to measure your eCommerce store’s health and customer conversion funnel.

It will give you the action-based insights from customers’ buying journey as to WHEN & WHAT did they buy, increase lifetime value (LTV) and customer analytics to eCommerce personalization all at your fingertips.

Plugin SEO


Plugin SEO is our number one pick for the best free Shopify apps because it helps you identify, troubleshoot, and fix search engine optimization (SEO) issues so you can get more traffic to your eCommerce store.

This free app automatically checks for SEO issues with meta titles and descriptions, website structure, speed, and more. It also includes code snippets you can use to fix any issues yourself.

Social Photos


Want to drive more Shopify sales from Instagram? Social Photos could be the app for your needs. It helps you feature your customers and get an awesome kind of social proof called user-generated content.

When customers tag photos of themselves using your products on Instagram, Social Photos automatically collates them into a gallery. Every photo can then be used to sell products through direct links, driving more sales.

You can highlight the best customer photos to encourage new customers to buy, and can also create themed products images galleries. Social Photos also lets you interact with Instagram photos from the page where the photos appear.

Facebook Channel


While email marketing segmentation is still more effective than social media at driving sales, social media is still a very important referral source for online stores. Both Facebook and Twitter can help you gain product recommendations and sales.

That’s why Facebook Channel makes our list of the best Shopify apps to increase sales. It helps you use your Facebook presence to drive sales, setting a Facebook store up in just a few clicks. With Facebook Channel, you can highlight products on your Facebook timeline and let shoppers purchase products directly from your posts.

Facebook Channel is a Shopify free app.



Yotpo consistently ranks among the best apps to increase sales because it helps you get more product reviews to drive purchases from social proof.

This app lets you easily send out requests for customer reviews and showcase reviews in widgets and store tabs. You can moderate all reviews received, and can also use Yotpo to get social media traffic to your store.

Yotpo is free, but if you want additional features such as user-generated photos, rich snippets, and more, pricing starts at $29 per month.

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