10 Best Growth Hacking Tools To Grow Your eCommerce Store

A growth hacker is only as good as the tools he has.

With the right tools, a growth hacker is able to run rapid experiments across the entire marketing funnel, identify the right tactics that work, and scale them up efficiently.

What this means simply is – a growth hacker must constantly be on the lookout for the best tools on the market, those that can help them do his/her job better.

That’s why I’ve compiled 10 of the best growth hacking tools that you can experiment with to make your marketing processes more efficient.

These are tools I’ve used personally to acquire more customers, retain them or simply to scale certain tactics.

To help you get started fast, I’ve also added tactics that you can test immediately with each tool.

Best Growth Hacking Tools For eCommerce

1. Audiencefy


Audiencefy is the best customer segmentation and eCommerce analytics app. That will help you grow your Shopify sales and exponentially increase eCommerce revenue. Audiencefy integrates with your Shopify store to automatically populate customers’ order information, individual customer data, and journey, analytics, insights and more.

Top Benefits:

  • Executive Summary of Your Store
  • Predefined Customer Segment
  • Individual Customer Data & Journey
  • Order & Product Analytics



Colibri is one of the best tools to scale up your traffic. It helps you to get in front of your audience. Colibri increases the results of your SEO efforts and enhances your online visibility.

Top Benefits:

  • Lets you know about conversations with your audience.
  • Provides information about people searching your competitors
  • SEO driven tool that allows you to make changes in your online marketing.
  • Shows you where customers are engaging online, so you can insert yourself into relevant conversations.

3. ClickToTweet


Click to Tweet allows you to promote your business on Twitter with a single click. This tool can be used in many ways. You can offer your audience to promote it on twitter in exchange for a gift or a free service.

Top Benefits:

  • Promotes social media sharing.
  • Tells you the exact number of times people have clicked on your tweet.
  • Easy to integrate into a variety of online resources, such as email, landing pages and social media posts.

4. Pay with a Tweet


Pay with a Tweet is a tool that is also geared towards content and/or product promotion via social media. This growth hacking tool makes it possible to see certain content only after you have shared the website via social media.

Top benefits:

  • Encourages social media sharing
  • Invite visitors to pay their posts via Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Xing.
  • Customizable to your own brand.

5. Outbrain


Outbrain enables you to reach new audiences and get your brand discovered on networks such as CNN, TIME, Slate and Fast Company.

Top Benefits:

  • Get your brand featured on CNN, ESPN and People and other top companies.
  • Turn-key set up and optimization in the amplify dashboard.
  • Outbrain dedicates a significant amount of human, capital and technology resources towards making sure everything we advertise is 100% safe and trustworthy.
  • Outbrain is a platform that helps you advertise.



A marketing tool that can help you drive conversions with every link that you share.

Top benefits:

  • Add your own call to action to every link you share.
  • Encourages traffic to visit your website after they have read the news articles that you have shared. If the ad is related to the content you’ve shared, people will click and convert.

7. Hello Bar


Hello, Bar is a lead generation tool. It enables you to design messages for your visitors.

Top benefits:

  • Display ads, install barcodes
  • Displays text on your website
  • Use the bar to promote offers or encourage social media sharing
  • Increases engagement when visitors click on the bar.

8. ReferralCandy


ReferralCandy is an awesome tool that enables your customers to earn referral bonuses when they share your store with their friends. This makes spreading the word about your store simple and easy. Your customers are doing the legwork for you and in the end, you get repeat sales.

Top Benefits:

  • Easy to set up.
  • Simple enough for your customers to share with their friends and family.
  • Encourages repeat customers through rewards for referrals.
  • Affordable.

9. Mailchimp​​


Mailchimp is one of the popular email marketing services. They offer generous plans that cater to the needs of startup, but can also handle large volumes of emails for big enterprises.

Top benefits:

  • Customizable sign up forms
  • Automate routine mailing tasks
  • Segment subscribers
  • Send targeted emails based on open/click history​

10. AWeber


Aweber is the most popular email marketing service, provider. They have been around since 1998 helping businesses stay connected to their customers and manage their email marketing.

Top benefits:

  • Getting Started is easy
  • Connects to most platforms, including WordPress.
  • Ready to use email templates, list management, autoresponders, and email tracking insights.
  • Notify customers of newly launched products, promotional packages, and upcoming events.
  • Available for mobile and desktop users.
  • Live chat support.

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