5 Automated Text Messages Necessary for Every Ecommerce Site

Automated text messages or automated SMS are small, yet powerful marketing channel that can help eCommerce brands boost their customer engagement and increase their lifetime value. An almost absolute open rate of 98% and a 29% engagement rate make SMS a must-have marketing channel for every eCommerce business.

2 out of 3 three people in the world use a mobile phone to send and receive text messages. Surprisingly, SMS marketing has been underestimated for a long time for no reason. Here are the 5 automated text messages that every eCommerce must use.

Automated Text Messages for Every eCommerce

1. Browse Abandonment

Many eCommerce merchants use the “spray and pray” method by sending bulk emails or SMS messages. That might work for a while, but data shows that triggered messages or emails perform better. Automated emails and automated text messages can reach the right customers at the right time with the right content.

One of the examples is a browse abandonment. We already know how big the cart abandonment issue is. But imagine how many more potential customers fall in love with your products and leave your store without even adding them in their shopping cart. You can win them back by sending an automated browse abandonment text message. See example below:


2. Cart Abandonment

You can apply the same scenario to address your cart abandonment. An automated text message workflow for the cart recovery is the king among other workflows and it is a must-have one for every eCommerce merchant.

Let’s look at the examples to better understand how it works.


3. Order Confirmation

Multiple touchpoints with your customers are important if you want to stay at the top of their minds. And although order confirmation messages don’t generate any direct revenue, they are good for engaging with customers.

Find below some examples of how other businesses use this message to their advantage.


4. Special Occasion

Customers’ birthdays, signup anniversaries, and other occasions are perfect for re-engaging with your customers.

5. Cross-Sell and More

Automatic SMS sending is perfect for up-selling, cross-selling, feedback gathering, and many other necessary things for eCommerce, especially time-sensitive offers.

Final Words

There are dozens of scenarios possible for SMS marketing automation. Timely and relevant automated messages can reduce the time spent on tedious work and help you focus on big ideas for your core business.

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